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Renee Zhang
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Renee毕业于上海师范大学,曾服务于DHL,Demag,Wisdomplus等外资企业的客户服务岗位,长期身处服务一线为CISCO, Alcatel-lucent,ABB,西门子等世界500强客户提供及时专业的服务解决方案。细致,耐心,擅长倾听客户的需求,协调调动各项服务资源,设计贴合客户实际需求的服务方案,坚持以客户的满意度为衡量工作的最高标准。

Renee graduated from Shanghai Normal University, has served in DHL, Demag, Wisdomplus as customer services, long-term at front line to provide timely and professional service solutions for CISCO, Alcatel-lucent, ABB, Siemens and other Fortune 500 clients.

She is meticulous, patient and good at listening to clients needs. Renee can coordinate the mobilization of resources, design service solution fit the actual needs of clients, adhere to customer satisfaction as highest standard.



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